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A podcast built for girls and women who game.

Not Your Player 2 is here to bring you a unique take on gaming. Want to know a little bit more about Lara Croft, Samus Aran, and more? Is esports ready for women? Where do women stand in video gaming today?

Hosts Christine “Kooky” Solis and Sarah Scopic deliver you a weekly roundup of news and insights on the leading women in esports and video gaming.

Ateyo on Esports Fashion

Breanne Harrison Pollock and Rachel Feinberg, founders of esports clothing company Ateyo, discuss their inspirations and journey into esports fashion, and their future path for Ateyo. Christine and Sarah talk about the DreamHack Valencia and responses about sexism. Plus, What's She Wearing comes back with Final Fantasy XIII main character Lightning, and her stint at…