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Our sports business insider Rick Horrow checks in from Bethpage Park, site of the PGA Championship

Rick Horrow is a sports business consultant and analyst. Host of the 'Keeping Score' podcast at, host of Sirius XM Radio's 'Beyond The Scoreboard', contributor at 'Yahoo Finance'. Twitter: @RickHorrow

Shemon & Sheppard - Wednesday 5/15/19 - 5pm hour: On the eve of the PGA Championship, and the day after effect of the NBA Draft Lottery

Our sports business insider Rick Horrow checks in from blustery Bethpage Black in New York, site of the upcoming PGA Championship...Local golf pro Andrew Filbert calls in - the day before he tees it off in the PGA Championship...Parting shots and lock of the night on 'What Ya Got?'... 

Shemon & Sheppard - Wednesday 5/15/19 - 4pm hour: Local PGA Professional Jeff Nixon sits in to talk PGA Championship....and 'Game of Thrones'

Jeff Nixon, head golf professional at StoneyBrook Golf Club and host of 'Play Golf Southwest Florida' Sunday mornings from 8am-10am on 99.3 ESPN sits in with the boys to discuss the upcoming PGA Chamipionship, and maybe a little 'Game of Thrones'...America's hottest game show: Wiki-Pete-ia!...

Shemon & Sheppard - Wednesday 5/15/19 - 2pm hour: Zion the New Orleans Pelicans

The NBA draft lottery had it's share or awkward moments as the New Orleans Pelicans win the first overall pick, and New York Knicks fans are left in the cold...The Best audio clips of the day on 'Sound Street'...

Shemon & Shepard - Tuesday 5/14/19 - 4pm hour: The NBA Draft Lottery, and the amazing story that is the Portland Trailblazers

When is it time to buy a new car?...Possible scenarios bouncing around like ping pong balls in the NBA draft lottery...The rags to riches to rags to riches story of the Portland Trailblazers...America's hottest game show: Wiki-Pete-ia!...