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BROOKVILLE, NY - APRIL 22: Golfers play a round of golf at the Tam O'Shanter Club on April 22, 2020 in Brookville, New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that private courses would be permitted to open if they adhered to rules formulated to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Great news for Floridians!  Beaches, parks, and golf courses are opening up again.  Golf, of course is a game of etiquette.  There may be some nuances to that etiquette regarding masks and gloves as we move forward.

Florida Golfers Flock To Courses After Reopening, Masks On!

Golfers in Florida are back on the tee box ... several courses in the state reopened Wednesday -- and people are flocking in droves to the fairways with masks on!! Parks in Palm Beach County have eased up lockdown rules as the state shows improvement amid the coronavirus pandemic ...