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His book is flying off the shelves right now as people want to know if author Dean Koontz had an inside scoop on the dreaded ‘coronavirus’ that’s plaguing the country right now. Koontz book, “The Eyes of Darkness” mentions a deadly virus that Koontz called “Wuhan 400”. In his book published in 1981, he describes it as a “severe pneumonia-like illness” that spreads attacking “the lungs and bronchial tubes” and “resisting all known treatments.”

His description of the illness is eerily close to what we know now as ‘coronavirus.’ In his book, Koontz also goes on to say a Chinese scientist came to the U.S. with a disk that had China’s “most important and dangerous new biological weapon.” That weapon was called “Wuhan 400” — because it was developed in labs outside the city of Wuhan.


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