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Gov. DeSantis Announces Reopening of Barbershop, Nail Salons: Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that barber shops, hair salons and nail salons can reopen on Monday, May 11th Gov. DeSantis tweeted the announcement on…

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Last week: lost to Tennessee 41-13. Baker Mayfield says the hype was real. As of now, that's the only thing real in Cleveland.

OBJ wishes we’d concentrate on his football play instead of his ridiculous watch.  That really means he wants us to talk about the watch he wore in last weekend’s games so he can cash in on a lucrative endorsement.  Guys wear chains and earrings under their uniforms.  Now watches??  What’s next, an iwatch to help him keep track of his real-time fantasy stats?  Maybe he can wear cuff links on his sweatbands.  A nice broach?  Maybe a belly chain?  Perhaps a tiara to wear on the sidelines?  Might I suggest accessorizing with a matching purse in team colors?  Just ball please!