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Pat Riley did it again; he surprised the NBA world on Monday, completing a sign-and-trade for All-Star guard Jimmy Butler.

He had to give up Josh Richardson, and a few other pieces (Hassan Whiteside and his TERRIBLE contract.) But, the Heat and Pat Riley got a guy in Jimmy Butler who will be an extension of Riley in the locker room. Both guys are all about the work ethic; there are stories that Shaq and Riley never fully got along because of this, and Jimmy Butler requested out of Minnesota because KAT, Wiggins and the other young player with the Timberwolves couldn’t satisfy Jimmy’s desire to win

Will the Jimmy Butler trade result in another title for the Heat? That is tough to see as currently constructed, but that does not mean this wasn’t a great move for the franchise. For the first time since LeBron left and Chris Bosh was taken off the court permanently due to blood clots, the Heat have a true alpha in the locker room, and a guy who can take them out of NBA purgatory (hovering around .500) and get them in position to add pieces that will result in a title contender.