Credit: Gregory Shamus

NBA Says DeMarcus Cousins Fouled Marc Gasol in Final Minute of Game 5

NBA: Officials Missed Game-Changing Call in Game 5

Although DeMarcus Cousins left Game 5 of the NBA Finals upset over Toronto's reaction to Kevin Durant's injury, he did have something to be happy about -- although he didn't know it at the time. The NBA has determined the game's officials failed to call a foul against the Warrior.

The play in question happened with 49 seconds remaining during a drive by Toronto's Marc Gasol, the NBA says. DeMarcus "initiated contact" with Gasol, causing him to miss the shot and fall to the floor.

Had the refs called a foul, Gasol would have been awarded two free throws. Given that the Warriors won 106-105, those free throws could have ended the series. As it stands, the Warriors are set to host Game 6 Thursday night.