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The Patriots won their 3rd Super Bowl in the past 5 seasons, and their 6th in the past 18 years. The Warriors are a Draymond Green kick to the groin away from going for their 4th straight NBA title. Alabama and Clemson continue to dominate college football winning the past 3 National Championships, and accounting for 5 of the last 6 teams to play for it all. We are in an era of dynasties across all sports.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has had a front row seat to witness the best team the NBA has seen in quite some time. Speaking to Anthony Slater from The Athletic, Kerr dropped, “It just gets old watching the same team win the whole thing,” before adding, “…Sorry, that was really arrogant, wasn’t it? It was kind of fun to say that.” Yes Steve, it was arrogant, but it is accurate.

Does anybody see any of these dynasties ending any time soon? I do not. Brady can retire… Bill is still there, and as we saw in the Super Bowl, he can win with average quarterback play. Bama and Clemson continue to get the best players, and apart from Georgia, there hasn’t been a single team that has challenged the Tide or Tigers since 2017. I’d bet that we will get Bama/Clemson part 5 next season. Finally, let’s not forget the Warriors were an all-time team before KD showed up. So let’s assume he leaves… Steph, Klay and Draymond have shown they can win the whole thing.

We’re in an era of dynasties- time to face the facts. Do I like it…no- I LOVE IT! I am not a fan of the Warriors or the Pats (yes, I am a Bama fan- roll tide!) but I won’t be one of those fans who puts his head in the sand and won’t recognize greatness. I long for the days when my dolphins have a shot in the AFC East, but if my team is going to be incompetent, I’d rather see all-time greatness as opposed to a team slightly above average beat my guys. Well done New England and Clemson, and let me be the first to congratulate the Warriors on the NBA title.