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This is where it all started- Rams vs. Patriots. Sure, Raiders fans will say the Patriots dynasty started against them in the infamous “Tuck Rule” game, or when Bledsoe went down on September 23, 2001 with a shattered knee. Nope, it all began February 3, 2002 when Brady led the Patriots on a 9 play, 53 yard drive that took the final 1:21 off the clock before Adam Vinatieri kicked the game winning field goal.

Next Sunday Brady gets to do a first- beat a team twice in a Super bowl. Look at these two franchises since that 2002 Super Bowl. It took the Rams 14 years to find a suitable replacement for Kurt Warner- the Pats have drafted and moved on from their next franchise QB. The Rams coaching list includes Joe Vitt, Scott Linehan and of course, Jeff Fisher- The Patriots of course have Bill. The Rams have had the #1 overall pick twice (Goff and Sam Bradford) the Pats have picked before pick 20 three times (traded up for all of them.) The AFC has sent 5 teams to the Super Bowl since 02 (Pats, Raiders, Steelers, Broncos and Colts,) while the NFC has sent 12 teams (NFL South, NFC West, .I guess the point I’m making is this: The Pats have been doing this for sooooo long that Rams have built it up and torn it down twice during the TB/BB era. And they’re not the only one, see the AFC East.

For those of you who are tired of talking about New England every single February might have something to root for next Sunday: A Patriots win. This is the only natural thing to do if you want to see Tom Brady ride off into the sunset. I just rattled off the stupid stats that show how dominant the Pats have been, but this could be the final chapter. Winning your final title against the team you beat for your first, winning your 6th (would tie for most all time) and  taking what pendants are calling the least talented New England roster in years, and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. There would be little to nothing left for Brady to prove. Please…. PLEASE RETIRE! Belichick will stay one- he will want to show the whole league it was his coaching more that it was Tom’s QB play that led to the most dominant 17 year run the league has ever seen.

So, to all my fellow Patriot haters (more fed up with than hate, but whatever): Do everything in your power to lead the Pats to a win, and it might, it just MIGHT mean Tom Brady will retire and give the rest of the AFC… nay, the whole NFL a shot at closing the book on the greatest dynasty the NFL has ever seen. And wouldn’t it be poetic justice for Brady to hang ‘em up against the team where it all started?

By: Chris Beasley