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This is sure to be where the most people will have issues with this list. The Lakers gave up a ton to acquire AD, but as of now they have LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, Anthony Davis and the salary cap space to go out and sign Kawhi Leonard. Even if the Lakers don’t get Kawhi, they have the cap room to fill out their roster and compete for the NBA Title. Anthony Davis is 26, so we are yet to see him at his prime. This was a great move by Rob Pelinka and the Lakers brass.

The days leading up to the start of the NBA season are often fraught with stories that are meant to pass the time. This is an example of one of those stories.So much conversation is centering on the future of Anthony Davis with the Pelicans. Will he be traded? Alvin Gentry is nipping that question in the bud. Talking about A.D’s trade value, Gentry said “There’s no one in the league that we would trade him for and there’s no one out of the league — not even Beyonce. If we wouldn’t trade him for her, he’s probably untouchable.”